Plant and Sod Care:
 All plants must be watered by homeowner.

Water your new plantings every 2-3 days. 
As a general rule after installation for the first 4 weeks. Time between watering should be increased or decreased according to outside temperature.

Check the soil under the mulch at the base of some plants, if the soil is dry you need to water. Too many people only "sprinkle" their plants for a few minutes, sometimes twice a day. This is not enough. 

If a plant is wilted, it should recover after watering within 4 hours. If it does not recover after watering. STOP WATERING UNTIL THE SOIL BENEATH IS DRY.

Seeded lawns need to be watered every day if the temperature is above 50. The more you water, the faster it will germinate. 

Sod must be watered every day if temperature is above 50!  If sod dries out it is most likely to late. Sod companies actually recommend flooding sod.

Tree stakes can be slightly loose,  this actually helps the tree root. Stake can be removed after one year.

Hardscape care:

Polymeric sand loss can be expected over time in high traffic areas. Sand does not have to be flush at the top of pavers. Manufactures recommended 1/8" below the surface. Any installation of Polymeric sand should be done by a professional, incorrect installation can ruin a patio.

Cleaning pavers and stone products with a powerwasher is fine. It is best to scrub the surface with a outdoor cleaner first using only a fan tip in your gun and only enough power to remove the dirt. It is possible to damage the paver surface with high power washers. Sand will have to be replaced after washing.

Grease, oil and rust stains can be removed with specialized cleaners, available at most stores. If a stain cannot be removed, the product can easily be replaced.

Pavers do not have to be sealed. Sealing enhances the paver color, reduce staining and slows weed growth. It does not reduce
normal cleaning.

Cedar Ridge offers complete cleaning and sealing services. 

Guarantees: Plant and Hardscapes

Plantings are guaranteed for one year. Plantings that do not survive will be replaced one time with a plant of the size originally planted. We may change the type of plant with one better suited to the location. We will notify you of any changes.

Plantings will reviewed and replaced during the next planting season. Spring plantings will be replaced in the fall. Fall plantings will be replaced in the spring.

Existing plants transplanted on your property are not guaranteed.

We will repair any lawn or property damage incurred during construction, shall be returned to original condition.

Hardscapes are guaranteed for 3 years. Guarantee covers settlement, loose or cracked materials and movement of structures.
We can only control settlement of the materials we install. We cannot control settlement caused by erosion or improper back filling by others. In 30 years we have only had one patio settle,  that we did not repair at our cost. The problem was a Fox!
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