Benfield Residence Belair, Maryland  2008-2010 
The Benfield's wanted to create a front landscape that was inviting, colorfully, proportionate to the home and most important low maintenance. The walkway is 5' wide with a large entrance and enlarged landing at the front door to allow for plenty of space for greeting or saying farewell to family and friends. We used Red Tipple gravel set on a weed barrier mat as mulch and in ground irrigation to lower maintenance.
The rear deck was designed to create a private area for comfortable everyday use in all weather. David wanted the deck and railing to be as unobtrusive as possible, while Caroline agreed safety was her first priority.
The use Ipe wood and the black baluster on the deck and circular steps worked well. The deck only needs to be washed and oiled every two years and the whole deck melts into the woodland setting. The patio was designed to create separate entertaining areas with out crowding. We created a kitchen /bar area, dining area and an area for less formal seating. The patio allows Caroline an everyday area to watch their son play in the yard with the ability to expand to entertain large groups. 
All landscape plantings were designed to be seasonally colorful with DEER!!!! in mind.
We would like to thank both David and Caroline for believing  in Cedar Ridge Landscape to "Create their environment".as they vision.
***This project could not have been completed without Steve Lochotzki as project manager. Steve attention to detail and construction are all displayed here.